Much more than telling you how your garden should look, Landscape Architecture is the difference between ‘existing’ in your environment, and Living, Enjoying and Developing with your environment, whether that is at work or play.

Landscape Architecture is a complex profession that covers a multitude of design and planning initiatives that impact on our everyday lives; from how best to design our gardens to where you choose to park at work, from protecting and sustainably managing our countryside and heritage to how best to design our transport infrastructure whilst maintaining a safe and green environment.



Garden design is the staple of our business. A well crafted creative garden can not only be enjoyable for you and your family but also maximise the potential marketability and value of your property. Whether your dream is a Courtyard Garden or a Palatial Paddock we can help make your dreams reality. Existing gardens or bare grounds are fully catered for and we will guide you through the whole process.

At Creative Intentions we not only specialise in a naturalistic European style of Landscape Architecture but can offer your property a fresh and modern look to suit our modern lifestyles.