Masterplanning with Creative Intentions

We advise and assist you in visualising your plans while achieving full development potential. This is a comprehensive long term strategy and is the backbone of Landscape Architecture. This is achieved by combining environmental, economic and social elements that explain how a site or an area will be developed.

Not a commonly used term in New Zealand until September 2010, a master plan is an ‘evolving, long-term planning document’ and is the backbone of Landscape Architecture.

A master plan establishes the framework and key elements of a site to create a vision for the project. It allows you to create clear goals for the scheme that will meet the clients aspirations and allow you to give those aspirations form and organisation and define a realistic implementation plan.

A good master plan will set out the clients creative intentions for the site, then place them in the context of local & regional planning, design & environmental policy always allowing for environmental, social, cultural and historical sensitivity.

The process will both inform and be informed by the master plan which should evolve over time as new criteria are added to the project. The master plan will develop linkages and key components within the project and therefore help to identify possible funding sources and strategies required to realise the clients vision. This will also help create a development schedule and describe the elements that should be built first.

If you are developing the next design strategy for Canterbury or sub-dividing your section, a well designed master plan is essential to keeping your intentions on track and realising your dreams.

At Creative Intentions we can help you visualise your plans and, with our partner professionals, advise you of the best course to reach your goals.

Urban Design

Coming into the front of the public consciousness in recent years with the re-build of Christchurch, the housing shortage in Auckland and earthquake strengthening in Wellington.

Good Urban design is at the heart of a cities ‘resilience’, and a sound background in both Design and Social, Economic & Environmental development is the key to good Urban Design.

Be sure to put Design at the heart of your Urban development by calling Creative Intentions to discuss your goals.

Rural Design

An emerging subject with increasing importance to our everyday lives.

More and more people are migrating to our countryside whether it is for work or recreation and so careful design and management of our rural environment enable our continued enjoyment of this natural resource whilst maintaining it’s economic viability.

Whether you are a farmer looking to tap into the hidden reserves of your land or local authority wishing to develop a creative green infrastructure Creative Intentions should be integral to your plans.