Eastern Community Sports and Recreation’s Rāwhiti Domain canopy is New Zealand’s first Sprung structure.

Engaging Creative Intentions to design, plan and manage the development, Eastern Community Sports and Recreation (ECSR) has built a high-tensile fabric canopy over the domain’s previously under-used tennis courts.

Using an innovative building system from Canadian company Sprung Structures, which comprises a tensioned membrane fabric fixed to large aluminium beams to create the 60m x 36m canopy, the facility offers many opportunities for the 11 sports clubs and community organisations that sit under ECSR’s umbrella.




Sprung has designed and patented a fabric membrane technology that outperforms other building alternatives and offers a faster, better way to build. 

The top 4 reasons why we recommend Sprung Structures:-

  1. Rapid Construction – Design takes days and construction takes weeks (compared to the months it would take to design and build a pre-engineered metal or conventional construction building). Minimal foundations required.

  2. Design Flexibility – The modular design of Sprung’s relocatable structures allows you to easily add or remove modules. This allows you to increase or decrease the available square footage of your relocatable building to best suit current operational needs.

  3. Performance & Durability – With Sprung structure’s unique shape, the robust tension system is built to endure extreme weather conditions.   The fiberglass insulation system in Sprung fabric structures outperforms other types of construction, resulting in less environmental impact and lower operating costs.  Additionally, there is virtually no air leakage, thanks to their unique design and performance insulation.  They use recycled content wherever possible, engage in responsible construction waste management practices, and their structures are renowned for their exceptional energy performance, durability and end-of-life deconstructability.

  4. Lower Overall Costs – Speed of delivery and rapid construction result in a much shorter and less expensive project completion.


Is it a tent?

No.  Each sprung structure features extruded aluminium arches that are integrally connected to an all weather outer performance architectural membrane.  This specialised membrane is certified as flame retardant.

Sprung structures are designed to withstand wind loads and to shed snow.

How long will a Sprung Structure last?

Built with an up to 25 year guaranteed performance architectural membrane and an up to 50 year guaranteed performance non-corroding aluminium substructure.  Sprung Structures are known for their exceptional durability and proven long term performance.

Can a Sprung Structure be air-conditioned or heated?

Yes.  Sprung offers an effective insulation system using either R-25 or R-30 rated fiberglass blanket insulation finished with a tensioned interior membrane.  This keeps warm air in and cold air out.

Does a Sprung Structure meet building code?

Sprung structures are designed to meet most building code requirements worldwide.

Can a Sprung Structure be attached to an existing building?

Yes Sprung Structures can be easily attached to an existing building through a sealed connecting corridor system.

How fast can a Sprung Structure be erected?

Sprung structures can be erected at a rate of up to 93sqm per day for insulated structures or up to 186sqm per day for non-insulated structures.  The entire project takes a fraction of the time compared to conventional construction alternatives.