design consultancy

Design consultants, design spaces large and small - from rooms in houses and offices, to hotels and airports. Spatial awareness, colour, texture and light are all employed in the creation of your environment for you to realise your most Creative Intentions.

In today’s world the ‘indoor outdoor living’ experience is at the forefront of people’s minds when they are buying or building their properties. At Creative Intentions all our designers are either Interior designers with a passion for Landscape or Landscape Architects with a passion for interiors which enable us to provide you with a full and comprehensive design experience.

Our experienced staff will employ their skills on any sized property, residential or commercial, inside or out. We will work as designers and project managers on your behalf and engage or liaise with our fellow professionals whenever needed. This approach employed early on allows the design team and client to achieve more balanced and proportional results for the project throughout.

For commercial, public or community projects we can help with feasibility studies, conceptual planning and funding applications should the project require it. With the right approach often the dream can become reality.

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interior design

Whether it is residential or commercial, first impressions count. Approach your home or office, enter the space and look around. Is this the way you want people to be greeted? Does it meet your own philosophies and present the right image? Does the space work for you? If the answer to any of the questions above are no, then call Creative Intentions and we will design you a space to be proud of.

If your business is growing or changing and your office no longer meets requirements, then we can help you plan your next moves to enable efficient and profitable growth.

If your family has grown and you now need a guest room rather than a baby room then we can help you re-design your space to meet evolving lifestyle..

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