heritage & cultural design

Understanding and knowledge of the past provides for awareness of what lies ahead in the journey through life.

Preservation of what was experienced and collation of the past becomes the story of our combined histories no matter where we are in the world.

Epic sea journeys, by canoe and sailing ship, bought people to our shores. Maori culture, with tribal variance, is foremost amongst the heritage we value. Then European sailors, with their own sets of variance, arrived in time.

The marvelous challenge is to look for artifacts, save what we can, listen, record, preserve, value and display, share and make the past part of the journey we take. Adhere and succeed in gaining a basis for understanding the collective culture we now have. Understanding, must surely play a role in the development of our New Zealand – its people and its places.

Here is a small selection of projects we have been fortunate to be involved in from around the world.

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Stonehenge Visitor Centre


Conserving outstanding universal value & managing change

Other features of the design include:

  • Landscape conservation & new development within the world heritage site
  • Enhanced visitor experience & access
  • Visitor centre and access scheme planning permission 2006

  • Whilst with Chris Blandford Associates

    Greenwich Royal Naval College


    Reinstatement of a Victorian landscape setting for Grade 1 iconic Baroque buildings now a 21st century University campus.

    Whilst with Chris Blandford Associates

    Peckham Rye Park

    Successful project process and completion was a major catalyst and initiative for urban regeneration and community engagement

    Authentic restoration of park features was combined with provision of 21st Century recreation facilities.

    Whilst with Chris Blandford Associates

    Ellesmere Heritage Park

    The Ellesmere Cultural Park project is intent upon delivering on the ambitions and visions of the Ellesmere Heritage Park Trust in establishing a Park to value and honour the heritage and traditions of Selwyn and Ellesmere districts. Provision of a “now”, viable and sustainable entity will allow for further recreation, community, education and social enhancements to district life and initiatives.

    This will be a social enterprise, delivering a liveable and useable Heritage and Events hub as a base for further development.

    Currently in progress and engaging with community

    As Creative Intentions

    Other projects of significance

  • Kew Gardens World Heritage Site
  • The Alpine House - Kew Gardens
  • Runcorn Town Park Regeneration
  • Oman irrigation systems World Heritage Site
  • Durham Castle World Heritage Site
  • Lake District World Heritage Site