Lincoln Lifestyle

Classical Garden In Lincoln This home has a modern feel whilst the client preferred the classical look for their garden. Well practiced at gardening, the client choose exotic blooms and vege’s rather than the natives and grasses normally favoured with properties of this type. Macropcarpa raised planters provide easy access and gravel surrounds allow the

Christchurch Remodel

Renovating Christchurch

Our client brought a property that needed work and wanted to create an indoor outdoor flow whist remodeling this 80’s delight. We changed the extension to have full opening byfolds to create a garden room, then inlaid a deck into a paved to surround to create the perfect space for entertaining. The north face was

Rolleston Residence

Rolleston Re-imagined

Art makes the home This property needed a new lease of life as the children had grown up. The client wanted the garden to have a more natural feel, and to be a place to entertain and display their art. The side entrance needed some work and had always been a problem for the grass

Leeston Home

Executive Getaway

Leeston Bound This property was designed to be a sanctuary away from the office. A place to close the door on the office. A family friendly property suitable for growing kids to play and grow. The Landscape is easy care to assure time is spent with the family at the weekend rather than gardening. This

QEII Sports Centre, Christchurch

QEII Sports Centre, Christchurch Project: QEII Sports Ground Christchurch. Client: Celebration Lions Sports Trust Services Masterplanning, Council consenting, Landscape Design. Community Consultation Project Period 2016-Ongoing Project Cost  tbc The goal is to create an NRL state rugby league standard facility to allow New Zealand to enter a second team in either Queensland Cup or NSW

Yaldhurst Football Academy, Christchurch

YALDHURST FOOTBALL ACADEMY, Christchurch Project: Yaldhurst Football Academy Christchurch. Client: Slava Meyn Services Masterplanning, Council consenting, Landscape Design. Implementation, Project Management. Project Period 2014-2015 (Stage 1) Project Cost  $2.1m The goal is to create a world standard sports academy on the outskirts of Christchurch with easy access to the airport. The opportunity is in place to

Parklands Bowls Club, Christchurch

PARKLANDS BOWLS CLUB, Christchurch Project: Parklands Sports Hub Christchurch. Client: Parklands Bowls Club Services Funding Application, Business Strategy, Masterplanning, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Detailed Design & Development Community Consultation, Project Period 2016-Ongoing Project Cost  $4.2m Create a new strategy to enable the existing Parklands Bowls & Rugby clubs to coexist on and develop the Parklands Bowls club site. Develop a

Porrit Park Regeneration, Christchurch

PORRITT PARK REGENERATION, Christchurch Project: Porritt Park Regeneration Christchurch. Client:  Celebration Lions Sports Trust Services Masterplanning, Public engagement Council negotiation, Landscape Design. Project Period 2014-2015 Project Cost  $2m Regenerate the defunct home of Canterbury Hockey into a future home of NRL Canterbury. The design would incorporate a 2000 seat stand with press offices changing and