Landscape Architecture & Design Consultancy

Creative Intentions is about providing a high quality design service Our approach to project work comes from the blending of excellence in design with environmental sustainability. Creative Intentions early involvement in projects enables clients to capitalise on investment our multi-disciplinary design background and commercial awareness to create a diverse and exciting user experience. We focus

QEII Sports Centre, Christchurch

QEII Sports Centre, Christchurch Project: QEII Sports Ground Christchurch. Client: Celebration Lions Sports Trust Services Masterplanning, Council consenting, Landscape Design. Community Consultation Project Period 2016-Ongoing Project Cost  tbc The goal is to create an NRL state rugby league standard facility to allow New Zealand to enter a second team in either Queensland Cup or NSW

Yaldhurst Football Academy, Christchurch

YALDHURST FOOTBALL ACADEMY, Christchurch Project: Yaldhurst Football Academy Christchurch. Client: Slava Meyn Services Masterplanning, Council consenting, Landscape Design. Implementation, Project Management. Project Period 2014-2015 (Stage 1) Project Cost  $2.1m The goal is to create a world standard sports academy on the outskirts of Christchurch with easy access to the airport. The opportunity is in place to

Parklands Bowls Club, Christchurch

PARKLANDS BOWLS CLUB, Christchurch Project: Parklands Sports Hub Christchurch. Client: Parklands Bowls Club Services Funding Application, Business Strategy, Masterplanning, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Detailed Design & Development Community Consultation, Project Period 2016-Ongoing Project Cost  $4.2m Create a new strategy to enable the existing Parklands Bowls & Rugby clubs to coexist on and develop the Parklands Bowls club site. Develop a

Porrit Park Regeneration, Christchurch

PORRITT PARK REGENERATION, Christchurch Project: Porritt Park Regeneration Christchurch. Client:  Celebration Lions Sports Trust Services Masterplanning, Public engagement Council negotiation, Landscape Design. Project Period 2014-2015 Project Cost  $2m Regenerate the defunct home of Canterbury Hockey into a future home of NRL Canterbury. The design would incorporate a 2000 seat stand with press offices changing and

Cuthberts Green Park, Christchurch

CUTHBERTS GREEN PARK, Christchurch Project: Cuthberts Green Park, Christchurch. Client:  Christchurch City Council Services Masterplanning, Community Consultation, Keystakeholder negotiation, Project Period 2015-Ongoing Project Cost  N/A Reorganise and develop a 20 year strategy for the parks ongoing development. Key to the projects success is the management of the ever increasing demands on open space for sports. The development

Te Hiku Sports Hub, Kaitaia

TE HIKU SPORTS HUB, Kaitaia Project: Te Hiku Sports Hub, Kaitaia. Client: Te Hiku Sports Trust Services Funding Applications, Masterplanning, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Project Period 2015-Ongoing Project Cost  $8.2m Create a sustainable and cost effective public sports facility to be run by the Te Hiku Trust with Far North District Council support. The central factor

Reknown Mine, Waikato

Reknown Mine, Waikato Project: Reknown Mine Waikato. Client: CGLA Services Masterplanning, Visualisation, Modelling.3D  Project Period 2016-Ongoing Project Cost  tbc Visualisation of the rehabilitation of the Reknown Mine in Waikato Post mine operations the site will be returned to farmland, in this case dairy farming with pivot irrigator. The addition of a new pond will supply the irrigator

Lawrence Wetland Centre, Otago

LAWRENCE WETLAND CENTRE, Otago Project: Lawrence Wetland Centre, Lawrence, Otago. Client:   Clutha Development Trust Services Funding Applications, Masterplanning, Landscape Design &  Implementation, Project Management, Public Consultation Project Period 2014-Ongoing Project Cost  $500,000 Regenerate existing scrub land on the edge of Lawrence township to realise it’s potential as a thriving wetland and teach future generations about

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

CHARLES RENNIE MACKINTOSH: Conservation, Tourism and Regeneration Project: CRM World Heritage Site Client: Glasgow City Council Services Planning, Tourism, Heritage Studies / Outline Nomination  Document Project Period 2005-2006 Reinstatement of Victorian landscape setting for Grade 1 iconic Baroque buildings now a 21st century university campus